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How to Order

How to Order

In a hurry? Just read the Red Steps

SIMPLE ONLINE ORDERING: Like trying to describe riding a bicycle, explaining “How to Order” takes some explanations, some examples and a few pictures and like riding a bicycle, once you do it, you’ll slap your forehead and say “But, of course. How easy.” Be assured, it is quick, simple and intuitive and will only take a few short minutes. Of course, as these are only passive example images, clicking on any of the buttons on this page won’t have any effect. 

Browse through the seed selections and when you have arrived at a product you wish to purchase start with STEP 1 on that item. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Here is the information on how to make your payment, below is our account number. Payments can be made as followed:

Note: We check our account daily.

Please use the PURCHASE NUMBER below as your payment reference.

An order confirmation has already been emailed to you and you may also print this page for your records.


*IMPORTANT*: Please do not make cash deposits into this account.

For EFT Transfers: Nedbank, George; Sprouting seeds

Umuthi Botanicals. t/a Sproutingseeds
Account Nr: 1079333029
Branch: 109114(00)
Alternate payment option:
1. Cash Deposits into our South African Post Office Account.
2. Please forward receipt after deposit has been made.
3. Please use the ORDER NUMBER you receive from me as your payment reference.
Name: DP Duddy
Account Number: 00103335138
Branch Code: 46000500