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Natural Untreated Sprouting Seeds

Many people ask what it is that makes these sprouting seeds so special? The qualities that makes these vegetable and other seeds outstanding for sprouting, growing micro-greens and vegetable gardening are:

  • They are not treated with any chemicals as virtually all other vegetable seeds are.
  • They have been naturally open-air pollinated.
  • They have especially high-germination rates.
  • Many are from certified organic growers.
  • These Seeds are all VACUUM PACKED and double wrapped for long-term storage.
  • For use as open-pollinated vegetable seeds, they are extremely cheap.
  • Wholesale prices to the public for bulk packs.

The sprouting vegetable seeds we sell are not just ordinary edible grains etc., but open-pollinated seed stock. It is sourced as untreated seed  from SADC regions only. Thus all of Umuthi’s sprouting seeds are completely natural, being untreated with any fumigants, fungicides or pesticides. As they are not imported, these vegetable sprouting seeds have also not been irradiated. They have been grown and tended as superior seed-grade produce and not the lesser, inferior for sprouting, food-grade.

Our sprouting vegetable seeds are suitable for Raw Food Diets, for growing micro greens and for planting out into the vegetable garden. Our large range includes Broccoli sprout seeds, Alfalfa sprout seeds, Bean sprout seeds and exotics such as Purple Kohlrabi and Chinese leeks. Barley Grass and Wheatgrass seeds are also for sale, suitable to be used for making barley grass or wheatgrass juice. Many Organic seeds purchased from Certified Organic Sprouting Seed suppliers are included as well. Our full list of seeds include: Adzuki Beans (Organic) for Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds, Apricot Kernels, Barley Grass Seeds, Beetroot Sprout Seeds, Black Lentils (Organic) for sprouting, Broccoli Sprout Seeds, Chick Peas (Organic) for Sprouting, Chinese Cabbage Seeds, Cumin Seed, Fennel Seed, Sproutable Fenugreek Seeds, Flaxseeds (Organic Linseed), Garlic Chive Seeds (Chinese Leek Seeds), Green Lentils for Sprouting, Green Peas for Sprouting, Japanese Radish Sprouting Seeds, Maple Peas for Sprouting, Millet Seed (Organic), Mung Beans (Organic Bean Sprout Seeds), Mustard Sprout Seeds, Onion Sprouting Seeds,  Peanuts for Sprouting, Sproutable Pigeon Peas, Pumpkin Seeds (Organic), Purple Kohlrabi Seed for Sprouting, Quinoa (Organic) Grain, Red Cabbage Seeds for Sprouting and Microgreens, Red Clover Sprouting Seeds, Sesame Seeds (Raw),  Soybean Sprout Seeds,  Sunflower Seeds for Sprouting, Wheatgrass (Organic) Seed, and Wonderbeans (Lupin).

Here on our site you can also learn how to grow sprouting seeds in a jar to eat. If you are new to sprouting and would like to try your hand at it without purchasing expensive equipment (which is really not necessary anyway) choose the DIY Seed Sprouter. It comes with complete instructions for sprouting any seed, additional details on how to grow microgreens and all of the materials needed to get 4 sprouting jars on the grow. We also recommend the “Sprout Sampler Selection” which contains four of our most popular seed varieties -all in one pack. They also make excellent gifts to get novice sprouters started too.