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Broccoli Sprouts Info

The buzz and excitement revolving around Broccoli Sprouting Seeds is what got me interested in broccoli sprouts and all the rest almost ten years ago.  The amazing scientific break-throughs regarding the anti-cancer and other health benefits continue. (And of course, I sell Broccoli Seeds for sprouting here.) Broccoli Sprouts Health Benefits Broccoli sprouts are 3 to 4 day old broccoli plants that look like and taste like radish sprouts. The radish-like flavour comes from a phyto-chemical that protects against free-radical vectors while the broccoli plant is still young. This phytochemical not only benefits the young plant, but when eaten by humans, acts...

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Natural Untreated Sprouting Seeds

Natural Untreated Sprouting Seeds Many people ask what it is that makes these sprouting seeds so special? The qualities that makes these vegetable and other seeds outstanding for sprouting, growing micro-greens and vegetable gardening are: They are not treated with any chemicals as virtually all other vegetable seeds are. They have been naturally open-air pollinated. They have especially high-germination rates. Many are from certified organic growers. These Seeds are all VACUUM PACKED and double wrapped for long-term storage. For use as open-pollinated vegetable seeds, they are extremely cheap. Wholesale prices to the public for bulk packs.

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